A "Do It Youself" PC oscilloscope.

- Version 4.1 -

A oscilloscope is a MUST for bikes or automotives diagnostics.

Characteristics of this PC oscilloscope

  • Single channel.
  • 8 bits resolution.
  • 20KS/sec sample rate.
  • 1Mohm input resistance.
  • Suitable for x10 scope probe.
  • Continue and Low frequency signals only.
  • 2Khz bandwidth (sample_rate / 10)
  • Voltage Ranges DC: 0 to +5 V or 0 to +50 V
  • Voltage Ranges AC: ±2,5 V or ±25 V
  • Overload protection: ±30 V or ±300 V
  • Accuracy ±1%
  • Require no external power supply
  • Use the power from the PC parallel printer port
  • BNC input
  • Easily portable
  • Very low cost
  • Compatible with the great software from http://www.picotech.com
  • QBASIC and MS-DOS software
  • Linux driver
Scope snap shot


Schema schema.pdf
Partlist partlist.txt
Printed Circuit Board board.pdf
Eagle4.15 files eagle_files.zip


This oscilloscope based on TLC548 (8bits), is fully compatible with PicoScope softwares (Picoscope, Picolog and Enviromon) and ADC12 driver (adc1032.dll).

Registered users of PicoScope oscilloscopes can use their PicoScope software with just a single setting:

File/Setup.../Converter/ choice ADC Type= ADC10
That's all!
setup ADC

Settings/Custom Ranges/Add a Custom Ranges (for AC)
setup AC

Select the AC setting if needed. chose setup


Below, a view of the same sinusoidal signal at 6 differents frequency (1000Hz to 6000Hz)

View signal pin7= Clock pin6= Data pin5= CS
BNC socket 3.5Eur.
LM336 1.6Eur.
TLC548 4.6Eur.
support IC 0.2Eur.
Resistors 0.2Eur.
Adjustable 0.3Eur.
100nf 0.5Eur.
10uf 0.2Eur.
diodes 0.1Eur.
DB25 subd 1.1Eur.
PCB 5.2Eur.
TOTAL: 18Eur.